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The libraries at Columbia University are world class

The libraries at Columbia University are world class

I teach a variety of classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Columbia University. I strive to have engaging and intellectually rigorous classes which provide an opportunity for students to develop their own passions.  We have had several publications that have developed from class projects and I encourage students to think about class work as a time to flesh out ideas for grants, papers or their thesis work. I am also a firm believer of using technology to expand the classroom in space time and diversity.

For the Fall 2017 semester, I will be teaching

W4112 Ichthyology

G4850 MA Thesis Development Seminar (pt. 1)


Past Classes at Columbia (Last Offered):

W4115 Historical Ecology (Spring 2017)

G4851 MA Thesis Development Seminar (Spring 2017)

G6905 Graduate Seminar in Conservation Biology (Spring 2017)

W4195 Marine Conservation Ecology (Spring 2016)

W4110 Coastal and Estuarine Ecology (Fall 2016)



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