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Please find our lab’s publications below.

N.B. For work taking places in developing countries, I have prioritized publishing in open access journals. I do this because I feel that it is imperative that conservation practitioners and managers have immediate and unfettered access to scientific information to make conservation policy.

For copies of non open access publications please contact me at jd2977 [at] columbia [dot] edu.  Note “*” denotes student authors

32) Drew JA, López EH*, Gill L*, McKeon M* Miller N* Steinberg M* Shen C* and McClenachan, L (2016) Collateral Damage to Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems from Yankee Whaling in the 19th Century. On line Early at Ecology and Evolution

31) Bao, KJ* and Drew, JA (2016) Traditional ecological knowledge, shifting baselines, and conservation of Fijian molluscs. On line Early at Pacific Conservation Biology

30) Sardalis, S* and Drew, JA (2016) Not “pulling up the ladder”: Women Who Organize Conference Symposia Provide Greater opportunities For Women to Speak at Conservation Conferences. PLOS One 11(7) e0160015.

29) Eastwood EK*, López EH*, Drew JA. (2015) Population Connectivity Measures of Fishery-Targeted Coral Reef Species to Inform Marine Reserve Network Design in Fiji. Nature: Scientific Reports 6: 19318

28) Drew JA, Amatangelo KL, Hufbauer RA. (2015) Quantifying the Human impacts on Papua New Guinea Reef Fish Communities Across Space and TimePLOS One 10(10): e0140682.

27) Drew JA. (2016) Taking a Bite Out of Lost Knowledge Sharks Teeth, Extinction, and the Value of Preemptive Collections. In Collecting for the Future: Museums, Communities, and Climate Change. (Wehner K, Robin L, and Newell J. eds) University of Hawaii Press.

26) McClenachan L, Cooper A, McKenzie M and Drew JA (2015) The importance of surprising results and best practices in historical ecology. Bioscience 65 (9): 932-939.

25) McClenachan L, Cooper A, Hardt M, McKenzie M, and Drew JA (2016) Conservation implications of omitting historical data sources: response to Baisre. Conservation Biology 30( 1): 226–227

24) Waldrop, LD., Diniz Behn, CG. Braley, E.  Drew, JA. Full, RJ. Gross, LJ.  Jungck, JA. Kohler, B. Prairie, JC. Shtylla, B.  Adolph, SC. and Miller, LA. Using active learning to teach concepts and methods in quantitative biology Integrative and Comparative Biology  55 (5):933-948.

23) Thurstan, RH, McClenachan, L, Crowder, LB, Drew, JA, Kittinger, JN, Levin PS, Roberts CM, Pandolfi JM. (2015) Filling historical data gaps to foster solutions in marine conservation. Ocean and Coastal Management. 115: 31–40

22) Drew, JA (2015) Using Technology to Expand the Classroom in Time, Space and Diversity. Integrative and Comparative Biology 55 (5): 926-932.

21) Drew, JA and Gumm, JM (2015) Learning and Behavior in Reef Fish: Fuel for Microevolutionary Change? Ethology 121: 2–7. doi: 10.1111/eth.12329

20) Golden AS*, Naisilsisili W, Ligairi I, Drew JA (2014) Combining Natural History Collections with Fisher Knowledge for Community-Based Conservation in Fiji. PLoS ONE 9(5): e98036. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0098036

19) Sims, C.A., Riginos, C. Bloomberg, S.P., Huelsken, T. Drew, J.A., and Grutter, A.S. (2014)  Cleaning up the biogeography of Labroides dimidiatus using phylogenetics and morphometrics. Coral Reefs 33(1) 223-233.

18) Darling, E., Shiffman, D.,  Cȏté, I., and Drew, J.A. (2013) The Role of Twitter in the Life Cycle of a Scientific Publication. Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 6(1) 32-43.

17) Drew, J.A., Phillip, C.A. and Westneat, M. (2013) Shark Tooth Weapons from the 19th Century Reflect Shifting Baselines in Central Pacific Predatory Assemblies. PLOS One 8(4): e59855.Access the recommendation on F1000Prime

16) Drew, J.A. and Kaufman, L. (2013) Functional endemism: population connectivity, shifting baselines, and the scale of human experience. Ecology and Evolution 3:2 450-456.

15) Drew, J.A. and Barber, P.H. (2012) Comparative phylogeography in Fijian coral reef fishes: A multi-taxa approach towards marine reserve design. PLOS One 7(10): e47710.

14) Drew, J.A., Holmes, D.*, Mandecki, J., McCord, C., Mungkaje, A,. Richardson, A.*, and Westneat, M. (2012) Biogeography and Conservation of shorefishes in Papua New Guinea with a preliminary checklist of the marine fishes of Bootless Bay, Central Province, Papua New Guinea. BMC Ecology 12:15. HIGHLY ACCESSED

13) Allen, G.R. and Drew, J. (2012) Pomacentrus maafu a new species of damselfish from the Southwest Pacific. Aqua: International Journal of Ichthyology 18(3) 171-180.

12) Allen G.R., Erdmann M.V., and Drew J. (2012). Description of  Amblyglyphidodon flavopurpureus new species (Pisces: Pomacentridae). Pp. 1126-1129. In: Allen G.R. & Erdmann, M.V. Reef fishes of the East Indies. Volume III. Tropical Reef Research, Perth, Australia.

11) Allen G.R., Erdmann M.V., and Drew J. (2012). Description of  x Amblyglyphidodon silolona new species (Pisces: Pomacentridae). Pp. 1130-1135. In: Allen G.R. & Erdmann, M.V. Reef fishes of the East Indies. Volume III. Tropical Reef Research, Perth, Australia.

10) Drew, J.A. (2011) Natural History Institutions and Bioinformatics: their role in Conservation Biology. Conservation Biology 25(6) 1250-1252.

9) Drew, J.A., Allen, G.R., and Erdmann, M.V. (2010) Congruence Between Genes and Color Morphs in a Coral Reef Fish: Population Variability in the Indo-Pacific Damselfish Chrysiptera rex (Snyder, 1909). Coral Reefs 29(2) 439-444.

8) Allen, G.R., Drew, J.A., Fenner, D. (2010) Amphiprion pacificus, a new species of anemonefish (Pomacentridae) from Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and Wallis Island. Aqua: International Journal of Ichthyology 16(3) 129-138.

7) Drew, J.A. and Barber, P.H. (2009) Sequential Cladogenesis of Pomacentrus moluccensis (Bleeker, 1853) Supports the Peripheral Origin of Marine Biodiversity in the Indo-Australian Archipelago. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 53:355-359.

6) Drew, J.A., Allen, G.R., Kaufman, L. and Barber, P.H. (2008) Regional Color and Genetic Differences Demonstrate Endemism In Five Putatively Cosmopolitan Reef Fishes.Conservation Biology 22(4) 965-975.

5) Allen, G.R., Drew, J.A., and Kaufman, L. (2008) Amphiprion barberi, a new species of anemonefish (Pomacentridae) from Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa. Aqua: International Journal of Ichthyology 14(3) 105-114.

4) Allen, G.R., Drew, J.A., and Barber, P.H. (2008) Cirrhilabrus beauperryi, a new wrasse (Pisces: Labridae) from Melanesia. Aqua: International Journal of Ichthyology 14(3) 129-140.

3) Drew, J.A. and Henne, A. (2006) Conservation Biology and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Integrating Academic Disciplines for Better Conservation Practice. Ecology & Society 11(2) 34.

2) Drew, J.A. (2005) Application of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Marine Conservation. Conservation Biology 19(4) 1286-1293.

1) Semmons, B.X., Brumbaugh, D. and Drew, J.A. (2005) Interpreting Space Use and Behavior of Blue Tang, Acanthurus coeruleus, in the Context of Habitat, Density and Intra-Specific Interactions. Environmental Biology of Fishes 74: 99-107.

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